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The €2.00 card shows the Vickers “Vimy” bomber which crossed the Atlantic non-stop. This was a feat performed by two English pilots, John Alcock and Arthur W. Brown. On the 14th of June 1919, after taking off from a field near St. John, in Newfoundland, the two flew over the Atlantic covering a distance of 3,042 kilometres and the next morning landed at Clifden, in Ireland. The € 3.00 card shows a Douglas “World Cruiser” seaplane: a small formation of four left Seattle on the 6th of April 1924 to fly around the world, but only two came back. This expedition was called "Around the world flight in 70 hops", covering a total distance of 42,000km. The Spirit of St. Louis Ryan NYP, shown on the € 4.00 card, flown by Charles Lindbergh, crossed the ocean non-stop. On the 20th of May 1927 Lindbergh took off from New York airport heading for Paris and landed after a flight lasting 33 and a half hours. Finally, the € 6.00 card shows the Savoia-Marchetti S-55X, which became legendary for the astonishing flight made in 1933 by 24 of these seaplanes: the formation was led by the then minister of aviation, Italo Balbo, departing from Italy and landing at the World Fair in Chicago without making any stops.

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