2 scudi coin Proof: Inauguration of Confucius institute in San Marino

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The Confucius Institute of San Marino was inaugurated on the 29th March 2015.
Its aim is the diffusion of the Chinese culture and language.
The Numismatic office of San Marino dedicated to the Confucius Institute a two scudi gold coin.
The artwork has been made by Min Wang, the Director of Fine Arts Accademy of China and  editor of Peking Olympic Games 2008.
On the coin the artist reproduced the image of the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius; he drew his inspiration from a portrait of the well-known Chinese painter Wu Daozi.
The Confucius Institute and the university of San Marino will co-operate to create bridges and start cultural exchanges.
The first step will be a Chinese language course for young and grown-up people.
The Institute will also become a meeting point between East and West, a place of interaction exchange and knowledge.
The numismatic office thanks to this issue wants to pay homage to the Master Confucius, to the Institute and to all the people who promote dialogue, human relations, economic and social co-operation between San Marino and China.

Isuue date: 4th November 2015
value: 2 Scudi
Gold: 900/000 proof
Weight: gr. 6,451
Diameter: mm. 21
Mintage: 750 serie
Artwork author (obverse): Antonella Napolione
Artwork author (reverse): Min Wang
Edge: milled
Coinage: I.P.Z.S., Roma
Price: € 305,00

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