Bimetallic 5 euro coin uncirculated “Jubilee of Mercy” 2016

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The Republic of San Marino issues for the first time a bimetallic 5 euro coin on the occasion of the end of the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. The Jubilee started on the 8th of December 2015 with the opening of the Holy Door. The obverse side shows three towers with three feathers; in the background the twelve stars of the EU, besides a beam of light wraps the republic’s elements. On the reverse the Jubilee is represented by a hand which support a mother with her child during a refugees sea rescue. In the centre of the coin the designer represented refugees who come from war territories and the opening of the Holy Door. In the upper side one can see the Holy Spirit dove with an olive branch.

Issue date: 16th November 2016
Value: € 5,00
Exterior: bronzital
Interior: cupronickel
Edge: polygonal with 16 sides, discontinuous milling
Weight: gr. 9,2
Diameter: mm. 27,5
Thickness: mm. 2,15
Design (obverse and reverse): Maria Carmela Colaneri
Maximum mintage: 82.600 sets
Selling price: €8,00

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€ 15.00

20 Nov 2016