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1700 years have passed since the stonecutter Marino, at the end of his life, donated to the small community which had followed him on Monte Titano, the most important of heritages: Relinquo vos liberos ab utroque homine, I am setting you free from any other man. A message of freedom which has been the foundation and the banner of that community throughout the centuries and events, especially those of the Second Millennium: when it became a free Commune, as many other cities of this region in the middle of Europe, but it was the only one to remain independent, first by using weapons (the last victorious war ended with the 1462 Treaty), then through diplomacy and a foreseeing wisdom, proven when the community refused territorial extensions offered by Napoleon. Throughout these 17 centuries, Saint Marino has always been venerated not only as the founder but also as the protector of Repubblican institutions. Most of the images, which form the wide iconography of the Saint, depict him blessing the city on the mountain, held in his hand, often with eyes raised to Heaven to implore its protection. And this is the picture, which draws inspiration from classical paintings, that has been chosen to illustrate the coin opening the numismatic celebrations of the 17th Centennial and that will be put into circulation on the day dedicated to the Saint, 3 September, the San Marino National Celebration.  

Issue Date: 3 September, 2000 
Design by Cristina Canapicchi 
Engraving by Uliana Pernazza 
Coat of arms by Bino Bini 
IPZS Production, Rome 
Silver content 835 - Weight g 22, diameter mm 34 
Mint Proof (mirror background) 
Maximum minting: 18,000 
Sale price: 38,000 lire,
including presentation case and despatch costs by registered mail  

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