2 Euro commemorative: “550th anniversary of the death of Donatello”

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Code 275
2 Euro commemorative uncirculated coin
dedicated to the “550th anniversary of the death of Donatello”

The Philatelic and Numismatic office of the Republic of San Marino dedicates a 2 euro  commemorative uncirculated coin to the 550th anniversary of the death of Donatello.
He was an Italian sculptor, a drawer and an goldsmith who died in Florence on the 13th December 1466.
He ranks as the father of Florentine Renaissance together with Filippo Brunelleschi and Masaccio.
On the 2 euro commemorative coin is reproduced an image of David, the bronze statue made by Donatello which  dates back to 1440 and can be admired in the Museum Bargello in Florence.
The young boy is the famous biblical hero who won the battle against the giant Golia and is represented completely naked, with the hat and a sword in his right hand.
The coin, designed by Matt Bonaccorsi, underlines the natural expression of the face.

Issue date: 5th April 2016
Value: 2 Euro
External part: copper-nickel
Internal part in three layers: nickel-brass, nickel, nickel-brass
Edge: fine milled with “*” and “2” repeated 6 times, alternately upright and inverted
Weight: gr. 8.5
Diameter: mm. 25.75
Thickness: mm. 2.20
Designer (obverse): Matt Bonaccorsi
Highest Mintage: 85.000 sets
Selling price: €16.00

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