ROCKS OF LIBERTY - Joint Issue San Marino - Slovakia

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In the name of freedom, this joint issue unites the most ancient Republic in the world with one of the most recent in Europe. It also implicitly calls to mind the traditions of Christianity: on one side, Marinus the stonecutter, on the other, Cyril and Methodius, the first Slovak missionaries who evangelized Slovakia, bringing Christian faith. 
The souvenir sheet contains eight examples of two different types: in the first appears the tower of San Marino called Rocca or Guaita, in the second, one of the most important fortified castles in Slovakia is represented, that of Orava. Both stamps have a value of €0,65 and are only valid for post sent from San Marino.
The souvenir sheet is organised in two blocks of four stamps with alternate subjects; in the centre the coats of arms of the two countries are depicted.
Issue date: 24th August 2007 
Values: series composed of a souvenir sheet with 4 values with San Marino subjects and 4 values with Slovak subjects, all values of € 0,65 
Stamp size: 31 X 45 mm
Sheet size: 165x108 mm
Perforations: 13x2
Designs: Rudolf Ciganik
Print run: 100,000 sheets
Mixed printing: in heliogravure and in four colour offset by Phil@Poste

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