Equal Opportunities for All

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San Marino intends to promote equal opportunities and fight discriminations, aim of the year 2007, also through the issue of a philatelic series made up of a value of € 1,00. In the centre of the stamp is depicted a female figure which represents the Republic of San Marino. On her clothes, laurel and oak leaves, on her head the three towers with the three feathers. The woman supports the equal opportunities project, represented by scales upon which are balanced a nude man and woman to represent the principle of equality between genders, men and women equal in front of the law, work, disabilities, skin colour, sexual preferences and religious choices. The sky behind the female figure of the Republic stands out, calling to mind the San Marino’s coat of arms.  

Issue date: 3rd December 2007  
Values: set composed of a value of € 1,00 in sheets of 12 stamps 
Stamp size: 30 x 40 mm 
Perforations: 13x2  
Designs: Daniela Longo  
Print run: 70,008 stamps 
Printing: in four colour offset by Cartor Security Printing  

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