World refugee day

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The series is intended to represent the spirit of solidarity and hospitality at the basis of the worldwide celebration of the day dedicated to refugees fleeing from conflict, violence and persecution, forced to leave their countries, risking their lives at sea or in gruelling overland travel. The serene faces of refugees represented on the stamps indicate their different racial origins and the golden backgrounds recall the golden blanket, as a symbol welcoming a new beginning and of opening to a real mutual understanding.

N.B.: indicate in the notes what type of triptych you want (See images A-B-C)

Values: a triptych made up of 3 values of €2.00
Sheets: of 4 triptychs
Print run: 40,000 triptychs
Printing: 4 colour offset, 2 Pantone colours and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Perforation: 13¼ x 13¼
Stamp size: 35 x 35 mm
Designer: La Tigre

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