EUROPA– 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts

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The € 0.60 depicts 5 cub scouts representing the five continents, with the globe in the center, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the scouts, an anniversary that will be celebrated all over the world. The compass in the design is a reminder of the founder, Lord Baden Powell, whose motto and advice to every boy was “Never lose sight of the North”, referring symbolically to having a proper scope to pursue in life. The map of the island of Brownsea indicates the place where Lord Baden Powell brought a troop of 20 boys in 1907 for the first experience of scout camping. The € 0.65 stamp depicts an adult scout and a young scout. Standing on the left of the scene, the adult scout is taken from one of the many original drawings by Baden Powell himself. The boy scout on the right holds a roll of paper in memory of their heroism in the Boer War when boys were used to carry orders. At the center of the design is the globe and on the right in the background, the Three Towers of San Marino and the geographical outline of the State to identify the country issuing the stamps.  

Issue date: June 2, 2007  
Values: set of 2 stamps for € 0.60-0.65 
Sheet: of 12 stamps  
Stamp size: 30 x 40 mm 
Perforations: 13 x 2  
Designs: Daniela Longo  
Print run: 140,004 complete sets  
Printing: in offset by Phil@Poste 

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